Different Genres to Consider When Enrolling Your Child in Dance Classes

Posted on: 7 January 2022

There is a wide array of advantages that come with signing your child up for dance classes. Foremost, your kid gets a chance to expend the energy they naturally have. Instead of having them fidget in class or jumping on the sofa at home, they will get an opportunity to channel this energy while learning a new skill. Secondly, dance classes have an uncanny way of enhancing children's mental skills. From enhanced cognitive development in toddlers to sharpened mental acuity in teenagers, learning dance steps goes far beyond physical fitness.

However, when some parents think of dance classes, they automatically assume that they should enrol their child in ballet. Certainly, ballet is a popular genre but it is not the only one that you can expose your kid to. For additional ideas to explore, here are different genres you can consider when enrolling your child in dance classes.

Jazz dance classes

If you have an expressive child and would like to allow them to expand their artistic self-expression, jazz dance classes could be the right genre for them. Contrary to popular belief, jazz dance is not slow and moody like its musical counterpart the blues. Instead, this genre of dance is highly energetic and creative too, which allows kids to come up with steps and movements while they are in the moment.

The high energy demanded from your child during these dance classes will not only help them make use of pent up energy but also allow them to build stamina too. As a result, you will notice that your child sleeps better and has more vitality during the day. Moreover, because the jazz genre allows for improvisation, children get a chance to build confidence in their abilities and this will spill over into how they interact with their teachers, friends, and other adults in their life.

Tap dance classes

When compared to other dance genres, tap is, unquestionably, one of the more demanding options you can sign your child up for since it is characterised by complex footwork, making these classes a great option for children that would want to get fit. Furthermore, during these classes, your child has to be constantly aware of their body since they are expected to know the precise steps, but they are also supposed to anticipate the correct sound that their tap shoes should make in the process, all while keeping time and staying in rhythm. This quality can be highly beneficial for kids that play rugby, basketball and other sports that demand quick footwork coupled with excellent hand-eye coordination.


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