How to Adjust After Changing Ballet Classes

Posted on: 11 December 2017

Children often feel isolated after changing from one ballet dance class to another. Parents need to know how they can guide and support their children during the transition. Below are various suggestions that will help your child to cope with the isolation that she may feel after switching to a different ballet class.

Focus on Ballet Dancing

Children usually join a dance school and stay in the same school until they leave to dance professionally or pursue other careers. Consequently, group dynamics (who is the leader, for example) develop as the children grow up together in that school. Joining them at a later stage can, therefore, cause your child to feel like an outsider because she will have no place in the hierarchy of the group. Ask your child to focus on her ballet dancing. This will help her to channel her energy away from the feelings of isolation until her classmates begin accepting her as one of them.

Win the Teacher Over

You can also advise your child to start on a good note with the ballet teacher instead of always thinking about how her classmates are giving her the cold shoulder. How can she create a good impression on the teacher? Tell your daughter to be attentive at all times. You can also advise her to ask questions when she has not understood a concept that has been explained. This proactive approach will show the teacher that your daughter loves ballet. Consequently, the teacher will integrate her fully into the class activities more easily.

Help Out

Another way that your daughter can use to win over the classmates is by offering to help them whenever an opportunity presents itself. New students tend to keep to themselves as they adjust to the new setting. However, keeping to oneself can make it harder for the other students in the ballet class to accept the new member. Your daughter should, therefore, seek for opportunities to help, such as assisting them during stretches. Such acts of kindness will win those people over and she will be accepted into the group.

Some girls find it harder to cope with the isolation when they have just switched ballet classes. Get help from the dance teacher in case you are concerned that your daughter is not adjusting at the correct pace. That professional will give you extra advice about what you can do to help your daughter to make the transition quickly.


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