3 Fun, Energetic And Relaxed Dance Classes For Preschoolers

Posted on: 9 March 2018

Dance classes are a popular choice for preschool children. They're great fun, they help to build a child's confidence, they help children to develop their gross and fine motor skills and they help to teach children important social skills before they begin school.

If you're the parent of a boy or a girl who isn't into pink and frills, then you may think that dance classes might not be the best option for your child. However, dance classes aren't limited to ballet and there are many other styles to choose from. Here are three dance classes that are commonly available that go beyond tutus and ballet slippers and are equally suitable for boys and girls.

1. Hip-hop

Hip-hop is a cool, contemporary and low-key dance style that's great for kids who love modern music and funky dance moves. It's set to a soundtrack of the latest hip-hop chart-toppers and uses a mix of traditional dance, street style moves and freestyle self-expression.

Hip-hop is less structured than ballet and doesn't require any special costumes or accessories. Even though it's a more relaxed style of dance, your child will still get the benefit of learning choreography, learning how to dance to a certain piece of music and the benefits of robust physical activity.

2. Musical theatre

If your child loves to sing as well as dance, then a musical theatre class might be the ideal choice. This style of dance class takes both of these performing arts and merges them into a fun, entertaining and dynamic class that's perfect for a child that loves to perform.

Musical theatre is also great if your child loves to dance but doesn't feel as confident in these skills as other children. This type of class uses a more stylised form of dance that is character driven and doesn't require the technical ability of other dance styles.

3. Acro

Acro is a relatively new type of dance class that fast becoming a popular choice. Acro combines acrobatics with dance moves to create a unique, exciting and versatile style of dance. Acro is a fantastic choice for kids who like high-energy, fast-paced and adventurous activities.

As well as strengthening a child's body and being a great form of exercise, acro is an excellent way to help children to master their balance and coordination skills. These skills will not only help their performance in acro, they'll also be important when they begin other physical activities and sports during their school years.


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